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With 20 years in the tree care industry, we remain committed to customer satisfaction and a job well done.

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Our specialist tree surgeons insurance has no restrictions on height or proximity to infrastructure

They were good guys to work with. Everything was done sympathetically & to my satisfaction

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Our professional approach gives you peace of mind

A first class professional tree service you can rely on

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Tree Surgery & Maintenance

Work on trees may be necessary for safety, health, space requirement or aesthetic reasons. Special consideration regarding age, condition, site, species and any previous management applied to a tree may often be necessary to decide upon the appropriate course of action.

A range of treatments are applicable:

Crown Clean: This application encompasses objectives regarding tree health, safety and appearance. It involves the removal of identified hazards and points of decay such as dead, dying and diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots and constricting climbing plants such as ivy.

Pruning: Pruning may be undertaken to preserve tree health and in the case of fruit trees promote fruit production. It may also enhance appearance and improve safety. Formative pruning of young trees can reduce the need to carry out tree surgery in their maturity and encourage an attractive and well-balanced structure.

Crown Reduction: Decreasing the size of the tree canopy can help to reduce wind resistance thereby reducing the risk of wind damage and uprooting. An attractive, well-balanced shape can be achieved enhancing the trees aesthetics within the landscape or garden

Crown Lifting: Lifting the crown simply involves the removal of lower branches to a given height. This may improve the trees appearance and/or enable access about the base of the tree.

Pollarding: The technique of pollarding was historically practiced to generate a crop of poles and foliage that was out of the way of grazing animals. A group of old pollards together is often indicative of wood-pasture. Pollarding today is generally applied in urban areas in order to keep trees small and these are re-cut on a manageable rotation. Not all species or ages of tree are tolerant of such immediate removal of the whole crown.

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