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Our arborists are trained in the skills necessary to carry out all aspects of the job

Couldn't fault their work & wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommend to anyone else

Jayne, Cleobury, Shropshire



With 20 years in the tree care industry, we remain committed to customer satisfaction and a job well done.

Howdens Tree Surgery are a most conscientious and professional company

Annette, Worfield, Shropshire



Our specialist tree surgeons insurance has no restrictions on height or proximity to infrastructure

They were good guys to work with. Everything was done sympathetically & to my satisfaction

David, Codsall, West Midlands



Our professional approach gives you peace of mind

A first class professional tree service you can rely on

Rod Pomery, National Trust

Tree Removal

Once the decision has been made to remove a tree several methods may be employed to undertake the work safely and without collateral damage to property wherever possible.

Dead, dying and dangerous trees often limit conventional methods such as felling from the ground or tree climbing.

We have the insurance, experience and resources to tackle any situation.

Large trees in close proximity to property may be dismantled using advanced rigging techniques or by employing specialist plant such as cranes or MEWP's (Mobile Elevated Work Platform).

Cranes provide the advantage of removing large bulks of timber at a time. Removed pieces and even whole trees may be lifted over property and brought to ground at a convenient position for dispatch.

MEWP's allow our arborists to access high into the tree canopy without depending on the tree for support. Our staff hold the relevant qualifications to operate MEWP's in accordance with Health & Safety Regulations.

Advanced Rigging Techniques: We have at our disposal a wide range of specialist lifting and lowering equipment to enable us to remove limbs and lower them to the ground in a controlled and safe manner.

Amongst our range of equipment we have a Hobbs lowering device. This device, sited at the base of the tree when used in conjunction with our bull ropes and pulleys enables the ground crew to lift or lower almost half a ton under complete control. This can be extremely useful when removing large limbs that would otherwise damage property were they to fall even a few inches.

Other techniques we may employ include speed-lining or zip-lining. Using this method of lowering allows us to remove cut pieces and bring them to ground a considerable distance from the tree. Controlling cut pieces in this way carries them over precious property and if possible delivers them straight to the chipper.

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