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Our arborists are trained in the skills necessary to carry out all aspects of the job

Couldn't fault their work & wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommend to anyone else

Jayne, Cleobury, Shropshire



With 20 years in the tree care industry, we remain committed to customer satisfaction and a job well done.

Howdens Tree Surgery are a most conscientious and professional company

Annette, Worfield, Shropshire



Our specialist tree surgeons insurance has no restrictions on height or proximity to infrastructure

They were good guys to work with. Everything was done sympathetically & to my satisfaction

David, Codsall, West Midlands



Our professional approach gives you peace of mind

A first class professional tree service you can rely on

Rod Pomery, National Trust

Tree Protection & Legislation

Many trees are specifically protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) or fall within the protection of a wider Conservation Area.

Permission must be sought from the local authority when planning to engage in tree surgery or removal operations on such trees. Heavy fines and penalties may be incurred when carrying out work without proper consent from the local planning department or tree officer.

Our arborists are experienced and able to liaise with the relevant authority when negotiating work proposals on protected trees.

Other protection may be afforded to wildlife that depends on certain trees for habitat. All bats and their roosts are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act. It is also unlawful to take or destroy an egg laid by a wild bird and this includes destroying nests with eggs during the course of tree surgery.

Important hedges may also be protected by the Hedgerow Regulations. Again, the local authority should be contacted prior to any proposed removal operations.

Separate controls exist for forestry and these are managed by the Forestry Commission.

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